First TYPO3 5.0 Website Launched


By: Robert Lemke

The new website for T3CON11 Frankfurt doesn't only feature the brand new design, it's also built 100% on an alpha version of TYPO3 5.0.

Last year, the T3CON team led by Jürgen Egeling sat together for discussing an improved version of the conference website. Looking back at several conferences, we gathered quite some experience and new ideas we burned to see implemented.

We decided to create an all new set of plugins which would support the event organizers but also the speakers and visitors and integrate better with and social networks such as SlideShare and And above all, the new conference site should be flexible enough to be used for any of the official TYPO3 conferences, including the TYPO3 Developer Days.

Pilot Project for TYPO3 5.0

The 5.0 team, working on the next generation of the TYPO3 CMS, saw the opportunity to use the T3CON11 website as a natural driver for the selection of new features. With the required feature set of the conference site in mind (besides the basic editing and templating capabilities also a plugin system) we aligned the development of TYPO3 5.0 and FLOW3 to exactly fit the needs for this website. Naturally we stumbled over a lot of bugs and other issues which you only experience when you really use the system. In that regard the T3CON11 site was an invaluable tool for stabilizing TYPO3 5.0 and FLOW3 likewise.

We couldn't completely meet the schedule we planned for this website – in the end we missed the deadline by 4-5 weeks. However, considering that most work was done by volunteers and that we had to face the bleeding edge character of TYPO3 5.0, the new design and also come up with some new content and photos, we are very happy with the results we can present today.

The TYPO3 Phoenix team will continue working on the CMS part and, of course, FLOW3. In a few weeks we will launch the Call for Papers and until then we need to stabilize the brand new plugin system and some editing features in the TYPO3 backend. We have shifted the launch date of the first FLOW3 1.0 beta in favor of this project because the opportunities of this real world project were just too convincing.

For the future we plan to create some articles and screencasts which demo the technology used for the T3CON11 site and give some better overview of the current state of development.

Your Opportunities to Contribute

Are you a skilled writer and native English speaker? We're not – so you can help us with brushing up the site's content and also write some interesting stories in the run-up to the conference and about the backstage activities. We'd also love to have a chief editor for the website who takes care of all the content and doesn't mind working with a not-yet-fully-functional-but-still-really-cool CMS. If that's for you, please get in touch with me (that's robert @ and we'll figure out the rest.

If you spot a bug or have ideas for improvement, don't hesitate to open an issue at our issue tracker.

Last but not least you can sign up as a sponsor for T3CON11 (you'll find all the info on the new website) and by that help the TYPO3 project financially.

Now enjoy the first ever launched website based on TYPO3 5.0 alpha:

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