What is it?

The TYPO3 Association is a not-for-profit organisation and was founded in 2004 to provide funds for long-term development goals, which would not be possible otherwise. Since then it has been able to draw over 750 members, companies, and freelancers alike. The funds are coming from membership fees, donations, and the annual TYPO3 conference, T3CON. Everyone can apply for funding for his or her project, as long as it provides substantial and sustained value to the project and its users. Among the development efforts funded by the Association are various improvements to TYPO3 Version 6.x, the development of TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow to name a few. The usage of funds is decided upon by the members via the Expert Advisory Board. Becoming a member will help TYPO3 to help you and will foster its ongoing development.

Starting from the basic idea, to raise money through membership fees to pay for long-term development, a few other goals have been added:

  • Organization of events for the purpose of information and education of its members
  • Supporting the adaption of international software standards within TYPO3
  • Education and certification to ensure quality of service
  • Communication with its members and the general public, to spread the further knowledge and proficiency for the usage of the TYPO3 software, especially by virtue of its project website



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For Freelancers

The Bronze membership is the best way to go if you are a freelancer offering TYPO3 services to your customers, or an individual using TYPO3 regularly.


Small Businesses

If you are a small company providing TYPO3 services or use TYPO3 as an end-user on a regular basis, you might want to consider becoming a Silver Level Association member.



If you are a mid-sized company providing TYPO3 services or use TYPO3 in your company on a regular basis, you might want to consider becoming a Gold Level Association member.



If your company does little else than TYPO3 services, or you have saved thousands in licensing fees because you are using TYPO3, you should really be a Platinum member.

Browse our pages on the work of committees and teams and their projects for a full overview of what the money is used for.

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